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  • fun


    I like the score board part but I do agree with the othere

    lady the flashing lights can set off flashing lights now if it

    can be set were you could could turn it off like you can turn. the

    sound of on breaks breaking I relize you might not of made that

    game but if you was to look at it you might get the idea . and study

    a little about some of the things that can set or trigger sezuries

    that would help with the game other wise I like this game or put

    a caution note on the game if it does a lot of flashing

    thank you
  • Not Bad


    This game bothers my eves and the other game I play was taken away from me do not change the games any more now it will take me a while to find what I can play Hilp the flashoing lights set off a sizure and it will be your fault if you have me playing those kind of games.
  • ferrari in the uae


  • Test1


    testing comment..
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